Teachers need to embrace reform

The Political Circus

When we think of the big special-interest groups that wield undue influence in Sacramento, we think of huge corporations — oil, gas, tobacco and pharmaceutical companies. We think of corporate lawyers lobbying for tax breaks and loopholes; we think of fat cats calling legislators they have under their thumbs. But
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Students should not be used as political pawns

One of the surest ways to catch a weak argument is by noticing a pervasive ad hominem within it. An op-ed written by students Andrew Albright and Paul Murre titled “Students must stand together against corporate America’s attack on the middle class” is founded in this notion that some big,
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Documents indicate an array of groups funded lobbying efforts for DREAM Act

Dozens of groups, ranging from state teachers organizations to a multinational company, paid to lobby the second part of the California DREAM Act, according to documents from the Secretary of State’s office. The documents, available through a database compiled by California Watch, indicate that the act — also known as
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