Judge moves to forward 1310 Haskell St. development

An Alameda County judge approved a motion Friday that could greenlight a small-scale Berkeley housing development. The project, led by community developer Christian Szilagy, would demolish an uninhabited house at 1310 Haskell St. and erect three residential dwellings in its place.
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Hiring policy to ‘Ban the box’ extends to all UC campuses

Under a new University of California hiring policy, prospective university employees will no longer be asked about prior convictions in their initial employment applications. This push to “ban the box” will take effect as early as October, just over a year after UC Berkeley became the first UC campus to institute the policy.
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The journey north

Reading life closely

In a blur of roadside poppies and mountain sequoias, a tablecloth of California landscape is pulled from underneath my feet, leaving me intact, if a bit wobbly, in Oregon
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