Golden Gate Bridge

Tunesday: Inspired by California!

UC Berkeley classes start in two days, meaning summer has officially come to a close, and it’s time to get back on the grind. Here come the gems attached to every fall: feeling a little less freshman-like than the year before, thinking you’ll stay caught up in your classes past
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Edan Lepucki makes dazzling doomsday debut with ‘California’

Fans of the Colbert Report should be quite familiar with the name Edan Lepucki, whose debut novel, “California,” has been mentioned on air three times in regard to the talk show host’s war against Amazon. Feud aside, Colbert could not have chosen a better book to champion. Lepucki’s contribution to
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Living Wage Ordinance not enforced

Unfortunately, the LWO and the labor laws that govern the treatment of hourly workers affect the people who can least afford legal counsel or the time and effort it takes to follow through on a complaint of this type. As Taylor herself noted, although she sorely needs the money to which she is probably entitled, she lacks the time and knowledge necessary to secure it. The result is a general squeezing of the permanent underclass in Berkeley. It does no good to raise minimum wage or to require a living wage if the city itself takes every opportunity to deny payment to the most vulnerable class of workers in this city.
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One last cymbal crash

“Pick up your heels! Turn your corners square! And drive, drive, drive!” This preperformance battle cry, screamed in proud unison by the entirety of the 200-plus member Cal Band in the north tunnel of Memorial Stadium, routinely marks the beginning of our pregame show. With that last scream of “drive,”
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