A pathway toward opportunity

When I was 10 years old, my father died of cancer. My mother took up his job as a sales rep for a clothing manufacturer. Times may have been tough, but public schools — from grade school all the way through UC Berkeley and its MBA program — provided a
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On cuts, fees and priorities

Given Insight

Maybe you’ve heard it shrieked from a protester’s megaphone as you cross Sproul Plaza. Maybe you’ve seen it chalked on building as you walk to class. Regardless of the method of communication, you’ve likely come across the catchphrase sometime in the course of your Berkeley education: “No cuts, no fees,
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Move your money, enact change

If you mail a dollar to UC Berkeley, Billing and Payment Services will deposit it in an account administered by the UC Office of the President, earmarked to the Berkeley campus. Because the UC Office of the President manages UC Berkeley’s many accounts in Bank of America, your tuition dollar
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Cal is my university, too

I chose to attend UC Berkeley primarily for its public mission. I respect its purpose above all others; It made for an easy decision to leave my Vermont home to study in California. But I have often felt, throughout my five semesters on campus, that this respect is not reciprocated.
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Berkeley unemployment rate decreases to 9.7 percent, lowest rate since May

The city of Berkeley’s unemployment rate decreased to 9.7 percent in September, a 0.5 decrease from the August rate, according to preliminary figures released Friday by the California Employment Development Department. Berkeley’s labor force in September was 58,000, of which 5,600 were unemployed, according to the department. Unemployment in Berkeley
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The UC can set agenda for state change

Like any others on Berkeley’s campus who have registered with “UC for California,” the systemwide advocacy platform, I received an email on Sept. 28 from UC President, Mark Yudof. The message, one of very few that I’ve ever received from UC for California, asked that I pass on a link
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State now over $700 million behind revenue target

California fell more than $300 million short of its projected cash revenue for the month of September — and over $700 million short so far this year — according to a report released by the state Controller’s Office Monday. If revenue targets are not met, the state may make up
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Exodus of the educated

STATE ISSUES: Studies on California’s economic situation show little positive change. Will college graduates stay in such a state?

Data released Tuesday shows that to cover only the most basic needs, a family of four in California requires an average of more than $63,000 a year, or an income level almost triple that of the federal poverty level. While this statistic reveals an incongruence between the federal standard and
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