CalSERVE senator and candidate for ASUC President Andrew Albright speaks alongside a number of the other presidential candidates at The Daily Californians ASUC Candidates Forum on Friday night.

Platforms, fee referendums debated at Daily Cal’s ASUC Candidates Forum

ASUC executive position candidates were met with shouting, snaps and cheers at The Daily Californian’s ASUC Candidates Forum Friday as they spoke about their goals if elected to office. At the annual forum, executive candidates from Student Action, CalSERVE, Defend Affirmative Action Party, Students for a Democratic University and SQUELCH!
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2012 ASUC Candidates Forum Live Blog

It’s the Friday evening before ASUC election week, which can only mean one thing — and I’m not talking about Beat the Clock! It’s time for The Daily Californian’s annual Candidates Forum. Hundreds of students have gathered in Chan Shun Auditorium to hear how the executive hopefuls plan to “serve …
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James Chang, Anthony Galace, Erik Krasner-Karpen, Jeremy Palmer, Justin Sayarath are running for executive vice president in the ASUC general elections.

Executive VP candidates plan for mobilization, Lower Sproul renovation

Two of the third-party candidates running for executive vice president in the ASUC elections share similar goals of mobilizing student activism, while the CalSERVE and Student Action candidates’ platforms focus more on the Lower Sproul Plaza renovation and increasing access to student resources. The ASUC executive vice president’s responsibilities include leading
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EAVP candidates from left to right: Shahryar Abbasi (Student Action), Sydney Fang (CalSERVE), Alisha Johnson (Defend Affirmative Action Party), and Isabel Sausjord (Students for a Democratic University)

External Affairs VP candidates explain higher education goals

Candidates for ASUC external affairs vice president this year intend to advocate for students’ voice at the state and local levels of government, but the candidates differ in where they intend to focus and how they plan to achieve their goals. The external affairs vice president focuses on matters outside
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Major parties’ candidates may be exceeding spending limits

The two major student political parties have spent significantly more than third parties for ASUC campaign materials, and some candidates are in danger of exceeding spending limits if the cost of food from campaign events is included. According to ASUC bylaws, if spending surpasses $1,000 per executive candidate or $200
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Jevon Cochran,  Rachel Horning, Victor Martinez and Stacy Suh are running for ASUC student advocate this year.

Student advocate candidates discuss office’s role on campus

Two candidates running for student advocate in the 2012 ASUC general election said the office could work to reach more students, while another candidate said he would change the responsibilities of the office dramatically if elected. Students will decide between independent candidate Stacy Suh, Defend Affirmative Action Party candidate Victor
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Former Student Action senate candidate says he plans to run as an independent

But the ASUC attorney general says Andrew Kooker will remain a Student Action candidate on the ballot

UC Berkeley freshman Andrew Kooker said in a statement on Friday that he still plans to run for ASUC Senate as an independent candidate, despite being dropped from the Student Action slate last Saturday. Student Action removed Kooker as one of the party’s senate candidates following controversy that arose over
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Pilar Huerta - Opinion Blog Writer

Vote for meow

Honesty is the best policy — unless, of course, “seduction” is the policy in question. The Oxford English Dictionary defines seduction as “The action or an act of seducing (a person) to err in conduct or belief; allurement (to some course of action).” In other less pretty words, seduction is manipulation’s
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