Airing grievances

CAMPUS ISSUES: Concerns that ASUC voting over AirBears will increase cheating are legitimate but fail to address the problem.

The ASUC has for decades embodied real-world politics more than many student governments on other campuses. This emulation, though, carries with it the best and worst of partisan factionalism. The senate made the right decision in allowing voters to cast their ballots over AirBears this year. However, concerns that the
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Jason Bellet and Eric Raby are running for senate, while Rachel Horning and Noah Ickowitz are running for president and student advocate with the SQUELCH! party.

SQUELCH! party announces executive, senate candidates

The SQUELCH! party announced its candidates Sunday for the upcoming 2012 ASUC general election, running a full satirical executive slate. The party traditionally runs a series of joke executive candidates and one serious candidate for the ASUC Senate. The party has won one senate seat consecutively each year for at
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Party with Occupy Cal members announces ASUC executive slate

Occupy Cal demonstrators and other students have formed an executive slate for the spring 2012 ASUC general election, but past election data show they are unlikely to secure the positions traditionally held by Student Action and CalSERVE. Students for a Democratic University — previously tentatively named the Political Action Party
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student action

Student Action party announces executive slate for upcoming elections

Following a sweep of four executive seats last year, the Student Action party announced its executive candidates Sunday for the upcoming 2012 ASUC general election. Current Student Action Senators Connor Landgraf, Justin Sayarath and Shahryar Abbasi will run for the offices of president, executive vice president and external affairs vice
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CalSERVE senators Sydney Fang, Anthony Galace and Andrew Albright and co-chair of the campus Black Student Union Naomi Wilson comprise the CalSERVE executive slate.

CalSERVE announces executive candidates

After not running an executive slate in last year’s ASUC election, the CalSERVE party announced its four executive candidates Monday for the upcoming general election. Current CalSERVE Senators Andrew Albright, Anthony Galace and Sydney Fang will run for the offices of president, executive vice president and external affairs vice president,
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A coalition organized by BAMN protested a hearing about Proposition 209 in San Francisco.

Students stand in solidarity against Proposition 209

SAN FRANCISCO — Middle school, high school and college students — including some from UC Berkeley — united in protest Monday as the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reviewed a lawsuit against Proposition 209. Dozens of students bearing signs in front of the courthouse voiced their opposition to the
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Members of Occupy Cal to form new political party

Members of the Occupy Cal movement are forming a new political party to run in the upcoming spring 2012 ASUC general election. The party — tentatively named the “Political Action Party” — was first announced at an Occupy Cal general assembly meeting last Monday and was created with the belief
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Senate passes bill supporting Occupy Cal

The ASUC Senate passed a bill Wednesday night that supports the Occupy Cal movement, which includes a Nov. 9 walkout and noontime rally on Sproul Plaza, and finances buses to transport students to the upcoming UC Board of Regents meeting at UC San Francisco. The bill, co-authored by Cooperative Movement Senator Elliot Goldstein and CalSERVE Senator Andrew Albright, provides support for the protest through
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Campus perspectives on controversial bake sale

This page will aggregate commentary on and responses to the Berkeley College Republicans’ “Increase Diversity Bake Sale.” Readers may continue to submit their thoughts on the topic to [email protected] The Daily Californian’s editorial on the bake sale can be read here.   Perspectives Letters to the editor UC Berkeley student
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