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Come together

Strength coach Mike Blasquez has brought a new philosophy to the Bears, and they are stronger for it.

When the Cal football team practices, nearly every member of the team dresses in similar fashion. Each player dons a polyester shirt; it might be blue, white or black, perhaps sleeveless, but the same words stretch over every chest: TEAM MATTERS. So the Bears are uniformed now, even out of
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Bears had HOW many turnovers? #sad #typiCAL

So Thursday night, on ESPN, the Cal football team lost to the USC football team. This is not an unusual occurrence, seeing as how the USC football team has now come out victorious in such instances an astounding eight years in a row. That’s two full presidential terms, or the
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Position Preview: Defensive Line

The Year That Was Cal’s defense excelled in 2010, and All-Pac-10 defensive end Cameron Jordan was a primary reason why. He had 62 tackles, 12.5 for a loss and 5.5 sacks his senior season. Jordan, along with fellow starting end Ernest Owusu and nose tackle Derrick Hill, anchored the Bears’
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Drafting an All-Cal starting five

It’s NBA Draft time, folks — that magical time of year when teams, after much deliberation, dramatically add some (very expensive) pieces to their roster puzzles. The event brought up this fun exercise: which Cal athletes would make for a killer starting five on the hardwood? The only rules are
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