How to get married at UC Berkeley

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In celebration of the Supreme Court’s Friday decision to recognize marriage equality as a fundamental Constitutional right, we at the Clog have assembled a guide on how to arrange a spectacular wedding at UC Berkeley. For every Bear who bleeds blue, gold, and/or rainbow streaks, we hope you consider UC
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How to navigate construction on campus

We know how irritating it can be when you’re trying to get somewhere on campus and you’re greeted by a giant metal fence, a looming yellow crane and a construction crew that you now have to navigate around. After a few years here at UC Berkeley, you’ve probably grown accustomed
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10 things to celebrate about the Campanile

There’s a special birthday in Berkeley this week. The beginnings of Sather Tower, better known as the Campanile, have been overlooking the university and the bay beyond it for 100 years. Last Friday, Jan. 31, marked the centennial of the completion of the tower’s steel frame. As the campus begins
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