Campanile’s baby peregrine falcons take flight

A pair of nesting peregrine falcons have called the top of the tower home since January. In May, the pair birthed two female eyasses, nicknamed Fiat and Lux by the campus community. Late Monday afternoon, Fiat “fledged,” or took flight, according to Mary Malec. After almost a week of waiting, she and other volunteer ornithologists gathered Thursday to see the second baby take the plunge.
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Be humble

Everyone likes to feel important. Here at UC Berkeley, this particular desire is overwhelmingly prevalent.
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Michael Drummond/File

Myths of UC Berkeley debunked

After attending CalSO, we left with our minds full of random myths and legends of UC Berkeley. Many of these legends were never brought up again after the weekend-long orientation, but others haunted UC Berkeley students forever. Despite what your orientation leader may have told you, some of these myths are
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UC Berkeley horoscopes: week of Feb. 26

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19) Your Type-A brain needs a truly A+ project to occupy your time. No, we don’t mean CS ( because C++ looks more like a grade you don’t want than a language to learn). Instead, take it a little more literally: Count all the letter
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Iconic duos of UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley is a place filled with iconic dynamic duos. Just to prove our point, we at the Clog have devised a list of iconic duos typically found around school. The Amazon Student Store and guard rail Chancellor Dirks and public funds Yogurt Park and the freshman 15 Wurster Hall and Greek life
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