China will grant CRISPR patent to UC

China’s State Intellectual Property Office, or SIPO, announced Monday that it will grant the University of California, in conjunction with the University of Vienna and Emmanuelle Charpentier, a patent for its CRISPR gene-editing technology.
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Horoscope Readings

August 2016 horoscopes

It’s the last month of summer and the beginning of a new school year — the destiny of just about everything in the world seems uncertain. So take a couple minutes out of the chaos of the changing times to catch up on how the stars have aligned for you in
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Calstrology: Your UC Berkeley horoscope

Have you ever wondered what your Berkeley horoscope is? Most likely not, but now you can! We present to you Calstrology, your unique UC Berkeley horoscope! How is Calstrology different from astrology, you ask? What Calstrology provides is an applicable horoscope for the unique breed that is Berkeley students. Find
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