A rolling room with tinted windows

You Are What You Habituate

In one way I was liberated when I came to the Bay Area car-less, becoming more pedestrian and exploring the city at 3 miles per hour. But in another I was deprived of my mechanic, metal safety blanket.
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Looking back and driving forward

Heading west

I am a firm believer in the power of road trips. The closest major city to Houston, in any direction, is more than two hours away. (No, y’all, I’m not counting Galveston, and you’re not going to change my mind on this.) So in some ways you could argue that,
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That’s what (s)he said

Extreme procrastination and suffocating boredom are probably the two primary reasons students read administrative emails. But it’s summer in Berkeley, and we at the Clog have nothing better to do than troll through these archives of mostly unread messages and excavate their perhaps deeper meanings. This highbrow piece showcases the
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Found poem from hometown car decor

Perhaps nothing is as accurate in depicting a group of people as the things they decide to put on their cars. Between bumper stickers, window stickers and license plate frames, one can get a fairly accurate view of who a person truly is. One of our intrepid Cloggers decided to
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Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.05.08 PM

The unending car struggles of Berkeley residents

Dear city of Berkeley, You are eclectic, historic, beautiful, enriching and unique, but you thoroughly suck when it comes to cars, parking and personal transportation. For that and other reasons, we are constantly in a love-hate relationship with you, our home. It is a well-known fact that parking is difficult
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