art nikels

Art Nikels performs at Casa Zimbabwe

Art Nikels performs their hit single “Red Red Wood” on the roof of Casa Zimbabwe Filmed by Adam Glazer Edited by Mira Nguyen

Captain (house manager) Shannon Levis, Natasha Von Kaenel, Elizabeth Calhoun and Justin Hsiung sit in Cloyne Court the day before the Berkeley Student Cooperative voted to convert the co-op into substance-free housing.

Closing days of the old Cloyne Court

It was Monday night of dead week, and the members of Cloyne Court were dancing. Although the house’s residents would be required to move out of their home in just two weeks, Cloyne’s dining room was filled with about 100 people piling their plates with home-cooked Mexican food and twirling
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Jhameel jams to his own beat

With a breathy voice and funky style, it’s no surprise that UC Berkeley alumnus Jhameel has been compared to a modern-day Prince. The 23-year-old — a former member of the ROTC program and of co-op Casa Zimbabwe — attributes his experiences in the military and in Berkeley to the start
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Future of Cloyne Court hinges on vote Thursday night

The Berkeley Student Cooperative’s Board of Directors will vote this Thursday on the future one of the largest cooperative houses in the country, Cloyne Court, after a month of heated debate, high emotions and late-night conversations among many co-op members.
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Drawing the lines

CITY AFFAIRS: Berkeley City Council’s final decision on a newly redrawn voting district should take into account students who live on Northside.

Berkeley City Council’s decision to support an ASUC-sponsored redistricting map is a promising step toward establishing a student supermajority district in the city. Still, the district should ultimately encompass students living in cooperative housing and dormitory housing on the north side of campus. At its meeting July 2, the council
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