Power ranking: Chancellor Dirks’ scandals

Ah, Chancellor Dirks. The Clog’s favorite scapegoat and the butt of some of our better jokes, Dirks is a mainstay on our site. But now, for the first time, we at the Clog are compiling the official ranking of his scandals, evaluated on three metrics: the gravity of the scandal
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Where’s Chancellor Dirks?

Chancellor Dirks is pretty much a celebrity, here on the UC Berkeley campus. Like Oski, he is known for being illusive and blending into the crowd. From his crisp white shirt and tie to his lustrous unibrow, you’d think, “How could a guy like that not be noticed in a
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The Bachelor: Dirks Edition

Alas Bachelor fans of Berkeley, the time has come. Yes, devoted patrons the 21st (symbolic?) season of “The Bachelor” has finally arrived. We know some of you are delighted to see such a fresh face like the novel Nick Viele starring this season. But let’s be candid, this wouldn’t be
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What would Dirks do?

It’s tough to be the chancellor. Each day presents a new set of challenges and problems to solve, along with the traditional duties of the job. We at the Clog have come up with a list of tasks we think the chancellor might need to complete each day.
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Rumor has it

Ah, finals season is upon us, and it seems as though there is no shortage of drama going into dead week. From the uncanny return of the Plastics to fraternity date parties, it appears that all of campus is buzzing. Haven’t felt the viral uprisings or emotional breakdowns of dead week
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The apocalypse: dead week 2016

Early Tuesday morning, there were several reports of grey-ish students with black, dead eyes wandering slowly and aimlessly around campus. The only thing to be heard amidst the eerie silence was the wind scattering the leaves in every direction. For the few brave souls who dared to cross Sproul, they walked
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Mikaela Raphael/File

Battle of the meal points

The semester is nearing its final weeks. Tensions are high with finals closing in. And of course meal points are also dwindling down. Cue the Ancient Roman battle music: The fight for food has begun. Every semester, the last few weeks of school go hand in hand with the treacherous struggle
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