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The tale of Oski the Bear

It was the year 1941. William C. “Rocky” Rockwell had only one thing he wanted in the entire world: his UC Berkeley acceptance letter to arrive in the mail. He was so certain that his future was at Berkeley that he applied nowhere else.
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Captioning a chancellor: Nicholas Dirks edition

The Clog is proud to present the first iteration of the “captioning a chancellor” series, and gracing our opening edition is the debutante, and Berkeley chancellor, Nicholas Dirks! Renowned for his ability to appear as though he has just towel-dried his hair at any time of day, Chancellor Dirks hopes to bring
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In defense of the chancellor’s fence

CAMPUS ISSUES: Chancellor entitled to security for home on campus

Despite recent backlash from students and faculty against the decision to erect a fence around University House, the chancellor’s home on campus, the chancellor and his family have the right to take action to guarantee their safety. UCPD, which is in charge of responding to threats against the security of
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Mike Williams discusses task force, plans for his job

(Editor’s note: This is the first part of an interview that will run in two parts. Part two will be published on Monday.) Mike Williams was officially named Cal’s director of intercollegiate athletics by Chancellor Nicholas Dirks in May. Before that, Williams had served as the interim athletic director since
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Activities you wonder if students actually do

As critical as some of these activities are for us in order to become successful and well-rounded students, they are unfortunately not prioritized in the midst of our test cramming and Tinder swiping. Though we are personally unable to make time for them, we at the Clog always wonder if
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