Congress members urge changes to UC SHIP

House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi responded to student concerns with the UC Student Health Insurance Plan Wednesday, urging UC President Mark Yudof to lift coverage caps and ensure easier access to preventive care.
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Union petitions to lift UC SHIP lifetime coverage limits

The petition was initiated by UAW Local 2865 — a union representing UC student workers — on Jan. 16 calling for the UC to lift the $400,000 lifetime coverage cap and the annual $10,000 prescription drug cap from the UC SHIP in order to align the plan with the Affordable Care Act.
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Veteran protesters seek to rejuvenate movement

Protesters prepared for a protest at Mission Bay planned for the Regents meeting Thursday. The group set up a half dozen tents on Koret Quad that served as overnight shelter as well as a symbol of last year’s university occupations.
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Now is the time to make change

Veto is a setback for graduate student research assistants

Last week, Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed legislation that would have given the University of California’s more than 14,000 graduate student research assistants the same rights that other UC employees have under the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act.  These rights include the freedom to form a union if a majority of
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