Margherita pizza grilled cheese

With the end of winter fast approaching, I thought making a hot, cheesy sandwich would be the best way to celebrate. This sandwich calls for minimal ingredients and can definitely be made on a budget, which I think we can all appreciate. Though it might be a hassle in the
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Angeline Nguyen/Staff

Kimchi quesadilla

The blend of tart kimchi and rich cheese dipped into an umami gochujang (Korean pepper paste) sauce makes an impressive meal that’ll have your friends coming over for breakfast every morning
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Zucchini boat enchiladas

Just about everyone loves enchiladas. Now there’s a way to enjoy them with a healthy serving of veggies and fewer carbs. Zucchini boat enchiladas taste like the real deal and are also fun to make. And just because this recipe is supposed to be healthy, doesn’t mean we’ve left out the cheesy
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Live like a college student, eat like a champ

Eating delicious, healthy food in college can be a struggle. When you’re afraid to branch out and give the mysterious fish dish of the day at Crossroads a try, the obvious options are burgers or pizza. Compounding that, it’s damn near impossible to make food in your residence hall unless it
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