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Quick bites in Gourmet Ghetto

While you might have heard the name Gourmet Ghetto spoken a dozen times since arriving on campus, you might have never actually taken the journey there. On the surface, it’s simply the part of Shattuck Avenue sandwiched between Hearst Avenue and Rose Street. But in reality, it’s so much more: what some claim to be the birthplace of California cuisine.
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BART adventures: Downtown Berkeley

We at the Clog have been working tirelessly to provide you with an easy list of places to go and things to see near some of the most interesting BART stations. Lately, we’ve been straying outside the safe cocoon of the Berkeley zip code. But there’s a whole world to
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Where to find dinner and live music in Berkeley

Looking for a way to liven up your eating experience? Try dining at these Berkeley eateries, which offer both dinner and live music. Cheeseboard Whether you’re eating indoors at a table or outside on the street island, Cheeseboard’s live music is an essential part of the Cheeseboard experience. A variety
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Bruins vs Golden Bears

As students of the first University of California (hence the sometimes obnoxious nickname “Cal”), a lot of us were fortunate enough to get into multiple other schools under the system. And very often, the decision of where to spend four years of our lives comes down to two great places:
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6 things to have on your Berkeley bucket list

As Berkeley students, we have certain things that are just expected of us. We’re not talking about grades or careers. Oh no, we have our sights set toward much more interesting goals. Exploring the best of the Bay Area and our very own city has to offer is a must
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