Riding in cars with angry men

The silver screen is an ideal place place to enjoy the wide open road. As Americana rolls by — rock outcroppings, tumbleweeds, giant rubber band balls — you sit comfortable, air-conditioned, with clearly-marked bathrooms. Hours on end in a car are artfully edited into two hours of landscape and plot
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Quiz: Which karaoke classic should you sing?

The last week of April is National Karaoke Week — that’s right, it exists. And while it might not be the end of April quite yet, we at the Clog think it’s never too early to start singing. Karaoke stands as one of the greatest drunken or sober pastimes in
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Arts tweets of the week: Kanye, Cher, Courtney Love and more

Twitter is a strange thing. At times, it has helped start revolutions and mobilized people en masse, while at other times it has been a platform for self-imposed humiliation. Nonetheless, Twitter has served as a valuable tool for celebrities to unload their often nonsensical stream of consciousness that others call
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