New Doc 2018-07-10

Coming back from college: Dealing with our changing homes

I remember the first time I returned home during the holiday break of my freshman year. After my mom picked me up from the airport and we drove through the quiet streets of my suburb, my eyes soaked in the monotonous qualities of my hometown that I had bemoaned. There
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An ode to reminiscence

Studying abroad, as anyone who has ever done it will say, is a more rewarding experience that you could ever imagine it to be. There will be highs (many of them) and lows (these will inevitably crop up) throughout your time, but you will be grateful for all of them.
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Portfolio: If words existed in youth

If words existed in youth   I would not say my skin looks gray Or that words ever fail me Through corridors and gnarled woods I recoil in an eldritch sun Saguaro shrieks as the pine sheds Needles in the dust.   We look ahead to messy beds Credit cards
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