An ode to reminiscence

Studying abroad, as anyone who has ever done it will say, is a more rewarding experience that you could ever imagine it to be. There will be highs (many of them) and lows (these will inevitably crop up) throughout your time, but you will be grateful for all of them.
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Portfolio: If words existed in youth

If words existed in youth   I would not say my skin looks gray Or that words ever fail me Through corridors and gnarled woods I recoil in an eldritch sun Saguaro shrieks as the pine sheds Needles in the dust.   We look ahead to messy beds Credit cards
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National Yo-Yo Day: the world on a string

Kids these days have the luxury of entertaining themselves with their iPads, smartphones and various gaming consoles. But they don’t know the simple pleasures of what our generation’s playtime looked like: super soakers, Tamagotchis and yo-yos. In honor of National Yo-Yo Day on June 6, we at the Clog are
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Do our favorite childhood snacks still taste as good?

Every day when I was in first through fourth grade, I would open up my Looney Tunes lunchbox and pull out a turkey and cheese sandwich that my mother had lovingly squished together that morning. Between disheartened munches of my sandwich, I would glare jealously over at the “lucky kids”
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As a teenager, night after night, I climbed out of my window on the second story, crawled across the roof and then dropped down into the yard, where my family’s German Shepherd, Schultzy, slept. I tried not to rile up too many dogs as I crept through my neighborhood to
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Musings of the 1.5

Cultural Crossroads

If you’ve often felt conflicted about popular aspects of American culture, like drinking or sexuality, chances are your value system has been impacted by a different culture. Perhaps it’s been influenced by your parents, your friends or where you grew up. You may even be part of the 1.5 generation
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