“Gidion’s Knot” tangled with emotion at Aurora

A vibrant blue door frame matches the plastic moulded fifth-grade seats. The word “THINK” penned in calligraphy is the basis of an inspiring acrostic poem on the whiteboard. This brightly-lit classroom is the secretive world of “Gidion’s Knot,” which opened at the Aurora Theater in Berkeley and is running until
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The season for empty plates

 As grocery stores begin stocking their shelves with turkey paraphernalia, menorahs and Christmas lights, America’s poor await a grim gift from the federal government: brutal cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as food stamps. In just days, the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s modest 5.5 percent
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The Book Nook: prepare yourself for ‘Ender’s Game’

The book: “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card Suggested for: Anyone who likes intelligent science fiction and plans on seeing the movie this fall. Clog rating: While Berkeley is full of intelligent people, some of whom may have even skipped a grade or two, there is nothing quite like the
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Pick something healthy to snack on

Looking at vending machine options that are actually good for you

As a child, my favorite drink in the whole world was orange soda. The color, taste, and sensation of carbonated bubbles rushing to my nose were all very appealing to my 8-year-old self. At the time, I didn’t consider how harmful it was to gulp down 160 calories and 44
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Loans present threat to families

A massive crisis is quietly building with rapidly burgeoning student college loans caused by equally snowballing increases in college costs: the inability of indebted college students to marry and raise children after graduation. Yet there is an answer to this problem. As noted in a recent article in the Wall
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