Call me by my (full) name

The Half of It

Learning to embrace my name has been a constant struggle. In both China and America, people attempt to use modified versions of my full name to make me palatable. I no longer, however, am compelled to break myself into pieces to fit in. Both my Chinese and Jewish-American heritages are central to my identity.
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Taiwanese culture

My mother, my culture: A personal essay

I have lived my Taiwanese culture as much as my American one, in ways that echo through my life choices. I am Taiwanese in an unquantifiable manner, a manner so intertwined with who I am today that it is innately “enough.”
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International students at UC Berkeley: A hidden struggle

Like many other students around the world, I dreamed of studying at one of the world’s most prestigious and renowned universities — UC Berkeley. When students see the enormous financial burden their families will carry for four years, that dream quickly turns into thin air. With living and university expenses
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