Call me by my (full) name

The Half of It

Learning to embrace my name has been a constant struggle. In both China and America, people attempt to use modified versions of my full name to make me palatable. I no longer, however, am compelled to break myself into pieces to fit in. Both my Chinese and Jewish-American heritages are central to my identity.
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Model Minority

Cal in Color

Seared into my memory is the first time I fought with my friends. We were in ninth-grade world history when my friend offhandedly joked, “Yeah, but Rona’s Asian and has a big house, so she wouldn’t get what we’re going through.” “Excuse me?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
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Not quite bilingual

As is the case with many second-generation students, 12 years of English-centric education has made me fluent in one language at the expense of the other.
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Why I ‘amn’t’ a prescriptivist

Before my first linguistics class, I felt an immense frustration at the smallest of grammatical errors. As I began taking more and more courses in the subject that would end up becoming my major, I saw my relationship to grammar transform.
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