Joe Biden, leave the White House and come to Berkeley

The man, the myth, the dude fueling Leslie Knope’s libido: Joe Biden. You may know the uber-expressive, ice cream loving selfie savant as Vice President of the United States, but we at the Clog predict that by this time next year, he will be known as Berkeley’s local hero. His
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Cafe de Paris, Cooking Class

Chopped: Berkeley restaurants edition

Welcome to tonight’s episode of Chopped, where we’re featuring some of the most remarkable late-night chefs in the noted foodie enclave of Berkeley — birth of the farm-to-table movement and home to a campus full of promising young gastronomes. Eligible for competition were renowned restauranteurs at such high-end establishments as
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Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.19.11 AM

4 shows you shouldn’t binge watch this summer

We at the Clog love lots of things about summer. We love sunshine, lemonade, cool popsicle recipes and finally exploring the city, and we also like wearing comfy old T-shirts, planting ourselves on the couch and watching 15 straight hours of television. Binge watching is one of the great joys
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