Clog report: Roommate doesn’t clean because of past experiences

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The UC Berkeley community was shaken this week as conclusive evidence revealed that your roommate doesn’t clean because of a traumatic history related to sanitation, not because of just being an asshole, as was previously believed. “We have compelling reasons to believe that your less-than-ideal living situation is due to some horrifying
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Reasons you should be more stressed

Internet memes and Tumblr posts love to poke fun at the high levels of stress that cripple college students’ lives. While finals and debt are the frequent butt of these jokes, we at the Clog would like to remind you of even more things you should worry about. Sure, there are
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messy apartment

Tips for successfully living off campus, not dying

Living off campus can be exciting and really one of the first stages of actually “adulting.” Far and away are the days of apathetic security monitors, the aptly named Late Nights at Crossroads and jeans lost in the laundry. You’re sort of on your own now, and we at the Clog
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You can read this later

Unlike the heaps of laundry piling up in our closets, procrastination is pretty unavoidable. No matter how hard we try, it seems impossible to muster the motivation required to stay on top of all of the chores and assignments that we dread. Luckily, today is Fight Procrastination Day. That’s right,
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Things passive aggressive roommates do

For those of you who have lived in dorms or in apartments, there’s no doubt that you’ve lived with, or have heard about, the passive aggressive roommate. The passive aggressive roommate will use nonconfrontational methods to convey their thoughts and emotions, rather than addressing them directly. We don’t mean to point any
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How to put off doing your laundry

Ah, laundry. If only we could travel back in time to the days when our mothers did our laundry. The clothes smelt so good, felt so soft. Now our clothes are marred with random bleach stains and are awkwardly shrunken down. The fabric isn’t as soft or as bright as it
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