"Table 19" | Fox Searchlight Grade: C+

Non-rom-com fans shouldn’t RSVP to ‘Table 19’

If the highest-numbered table at the wedding reception, composed of the least important people there, were to disappear, would anyone notice? “Table 19” takes that question and subverts it: if that table disappeared, what would its non-VIPs do together? At table 19 sits married couple Jerry and Bina Kepp (Craig
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Weekend Watchlist: “Prisoners,” “Killer Joe,” “Rush”

This weekend’s list is all about high-adrenaline, action-packed films starring some of Hollywood’s leading men. They’ve all got their serious faces on, so be prepared for some intense thrills and somber scenes this weekend at the movies.   Prisoners I’m really excited for this movie, mostly  because it features Jake
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