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Furries, fans unite at CHVRCHES performance at Fox Theatre

Scottish electro-pop outfit Chvrches, stylized as CHVRCHES, excels at its craft — triumphant pop songs that launch into the stratosphere but wear their broken heart on their astronaut suit sleeve. “We’ve played, like, 470 shows,” announced Chvrches frontwoman Lauren Mayberry four songs into the band’s second night at the Fox
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Weezer, friends rock Oracle Arena for Not So Silent Night

Although the Golden State Warriors were away at Boston earning their 24th consecutive win of the season, Oracle Arena was still set to roar Dec. 11 for Live 105’s annual Not So Silent Night. But instead of jersey-clad basketball fans twirling rally towels above their heads after Steph Curry sinks
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Chvrches releases reverential sophomore album

The Scottish band Chvrches burst onto the scene in 2013 with the release of its much-anticipated debut album, The Bones of What You Believe. Lauren Mayberry’s flute-like voice, floating effortlessly over glimmering synthesizers and driving electronic beats, quickly gathered a large following, and the album received critical praise. Now Chvrches
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The state of rock today

In order to determine whether someone is worthy of my friendship, the make-it-or-break-it question is: “What kind of music do you listen to?” You’ll answer, listing band names and song titles as I nod and assess the possible concerts, potential hangout playlists and future conflicts of musical interest.  And, inevitably,
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Concert Spotlight: CHVRCHES at the Mezzanine

Chvrches will grace the Mezzanine in San Francisco with Portugal. The Man on Dec. 5 after having chvrned out its debut LP, “The Bones of What You Believe.” The main angle commentators take to the Scottish electro-pop outfit’s music — aside from the 45 degrees of their name’s v —
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