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Dining on a dime

During winter break, many of us stuffed our faces with delicacies priced far beyond the allowances of our bank accounts. Now that we’re back, though, the only thing to your name is the $20 you found in a pair of pants while doing laundry (score!). Yet, friends are asking left and right to
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Small ways to celebrate fall in Berkeley

As the weather is starting to cool down (not) and the leaves are beginning to change colors, we at the Clog are getting very excited for the fall season. As we put away our bathing suits and pack up our towels, we might as well embrace all that fall has
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Sweets to satisfy your sweet tooth this Valentine’s Day

We can all remember Valentine’s Day in elementary school, when we’d buy each other those dollar store Post-it-note-sized Valentine’s Day cards. We’d write down every classmate’s name and double-check the class master list to make sure we didn’t forget anyone and then smile in excitement while dreaming of all the Sweethearts,
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Where to satisfy your sweet tooth in Berkeley

June is National Candy Month, which gives you the perfect excuse to break your diet (and your budget) so that you can indulge in your favorite guilty pleasure. We at the Clog know that a sugar craving must be fulfilled at all costs, which is why we have found some
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