Baked pears with walnuts and maple syrup

As a fellow college student, I understand the struggle of choosing convenience and thrift over health. It came as a surprise to me that fresh produce is one of the best things to buy on a budget. For example, I found that on average, d’Anjou pears cost $1.90 per pound
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Cinnamon sugar French toast sticks

Shuffling through the door half-ready with a granola bar in hand is a scene too many of us know. Being a student is taxing, and often calls for late nights. I know that making breakfast is the farthest thing from my mind when I’m tucked in bed for those extra
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Non-alcoholic eggnog

With the weather finally cooling down, ’tis the season to enjoy some decadent eggnog. This rich drink is traditionally served cold, but we at the Clog prefer a warmer brew to get us through the chilly nights. Feel free to upgrade this non-alcoholic eggnog by adding a 1/2 cup of rum,
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Gingersnap cookie recipe

It’s not really a holiday celebration without cookies to munch on by the fire. You might be suffering instead of celebrating, but you can at least give your taste buds a party. These gingersnap cookies are soft and sweet enough to enjoy with a cold glass of milk. The hint
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Jasmany Flores/Staff

Roasted sweet potato recipe

It’s not fair that regular old potatoes are always the star side dish during the holidays. Mashed. Baked. Fried. The potato is a crowd favorite, but maybe it’s time for the underdog to take over for a change. Many people gravitate toward the overused spud and the sweet potatoes get
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Jasmany Flores/SeniorStaff

Pumpkin pancake recipe

Every year after Halloween, my mom finds herself at a loss for what to do with the leftover pumpkins that we mercilessly carved into spoopy jack-o’-lanterns. She sees pumpkins as food first and foremost, rather than decorations we use to entertain trick-or-treaters. Seeing the potential in this orange squash, she figured out
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Honey spiced milk

My sister and I aren’t huge fans of milk, but when we discovered this delectable winter recipe, we actually felt excited to drink this dairy delight. This easy rendition on a coffee shop classic — honey steamed milk — is so easy and so delicious that you’ll never want to have
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Hot spiced apple cider recipe

Can’t get enough cinnamon and other fall flavors this season? This recipe is perfect if you like the fall feel of pumpkin spice lattes but don’t want milk or half-and-half. As a laid-back counterpart to its more outgoing cousin, sparkling apple cider, this drink will make you feel like a fancy
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Butternut squash soup recipe

Looking for an easy way to get your daily dose of vegetables? Ditch those pathetic “salads” that just consist of limp lettuce and make some delicious soup to get you through your all-nighters. Plus, fall is the best time to cook squashes and pumpkins because they’re cheap and in season.
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