Election 2014 Endorsements: Local ballot measures

Vote yes on Measure BB Measure BB, which implements a 30-year transportation expenditure plan, aims to improve transit connections, the quality of highways and roads and the safety of bikers and pedestrians. It is a revised version of Measure B1, the 2012 ballot measure that gained 66.53 percent of the
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Corporations are people, too

Loyal Opposition

“Government,” as the saying goes, “is just a word for things we do together.” That may be so. But “Corporation,” as David Burge once quipped, “is just a word for things we do together voluntarily.”
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Stamp money out of politics

The next time you see a dollar bill that says “Stamp Money Out of Politics” or “Not to Be Used For Bribing Politicians,” don’t be confused. Stamping dollar bills with phrases such as these is part of a nationwide campaign that started this week to get money out of politics.
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