East Bay prepares for Golden State Warriors championship parade Thursday

In celebration of its 2017 NBA championship victory, the Golden State Warriors, along with the City of Oakland, will host a parade and rally in downtown Oakland on Thursday. Public transportation, such as BART and AC Transit, have been busy preparing for the large crowds with planned street closures and expected heavy ridership.
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‘Love’ in a bus

You have love on your jacket,” said a man next to me. I nod and keep staring out the window. He is a foot taller than me. The canvas coat he wears is stained with grease, and he smells like a gutter. Moments earlier, he said he had served in
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Berkeley City Council to appoint new director of planning

Berkeley City Council is set to appoint former Oakland deputy director of planning and zoning Eric Angstadt as the city’s new director of planning at its meeting Tuesday night. If appointed, Angstadt will be the administrative head of the Department of Planning and manage a staff of more than 58
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Store of plenty

CITY AFFAIRS: The expansion of Safeway on College avenue is a net positive for students, residents and the city of Oakland.

The proposed expansion of the Safeway at the intersection of College and Claremont avenues has a passionate base of support and an equally passionate opposition. Though opponents raise valid concerns, the specific details of the expansion show that the benefits outweigh the costs to the neighborhood and city. One of
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The plans for the renovated building include a design that is two stories, with retail space on the bottom floor and a new Safeway located above.

Safeway expansion plans create tension among community members

Plans to expand the Safeway on College Avenue have ignited both strong support and opposition, with a main concern being that the expansion could contribute to congestion in the area during peak hours. The project for the store, which lies in Oakland just past the Berkeley-Oakland border, has been in
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