Bye Bye Bay Street

BAY AREA AFFAIRS: A proposal to cut the popular AC Transit F bus line could eliminate a convenient way for students to get to Emeryville.

A new proposal being considered by the AC Transit Board of Directors to cut the system’s F line could mean the end of a direct and economical bus route to Emeryville, a premier destination for shopping and dining for many UC Berkeley students. This is cause for concern. In place
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Resuscitate your student government

By supporting independent candidates, SQUELCH! helps hold the ASUC accountable

SQUELCH! has become the ASUC’s alarm clock that doesn’t have a snooze button and can’t be turned off. It has become the electric shock that will resuscitate a student government that was once rivaled by no other. It has taken the road less traveled, but it needs your help as
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Landgraf’s overreach

CAMPUS ISSUES: ASUC President Connor Landgraf’s executive orders to put two referendums on the election ballot could have been avoided.

ASUC President Connor Landgraf has muddled the proper process of this year’s election. Because he tardily submitted bills to the ASUC Senate to put two referendums before student voters, the senate could not consider the measures until after its constitutional deadline to finalize the election ballot. Accordingly, Landgraf issued executive
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The AC Transit bully


AC Transit must descend from its throne of supposed magnanimity and give UC Berkeley students the deal they deserve. Because the AC Transit Class Pass will most likely reappear on the spring 2013 ASUC ballot, ASUC President Connor Landgraf should continue his efforts in meeting and negotiating with the organization
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Busing the referendum

CAMPUS ISSUES: We are glad the ASUC Judicial Council invalidated the Class Pass referendum but troubled by inaccuracies on the ballot.

Democracy is an ideal that has guided the United States for more than two centuries. Even at the student government level, the ballot should be sacrosanct, which is what makes problems surrounding the ASUC Class Pass referendum so disconcerting. The referendum, which would have extended the campus’s agreement with AC
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