Neat tips for cleaning out your apartment

That time of the semester is approaching. As finals week dawns upon us, a number of us will inevitably be going back home for the summer, which means cleaning out that den you call an apartment before leaving. We at the Clog understand that this can be a struggle, especially
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Matt Campbell/Senior Staff

PSA: Refrigerator cleaning

If your apartment exemplifies the economics concept “tragedy of the commons,” you should probably keep reading. Unless you enjoy living in borderline sanitary conditions, the state of your apartment would horrify your parents and some days it even horrifies you, don’t worry, on Nov. 15, you and your roomies can
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How to clean your Birkenstocks

As UC Berkeley students, we need comfortable shoes to hike up to campus within 10 minutes. We at the Clog have noticed that many students around campus slip into their beloved Birkenstocks or other types of similar shoes that are trendy and cozy. But we’ve also noticed that some of them aren’t as
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Cheap alternatives for apartment chores

Change is never easy, whether it’s Yogurtland replacing your favorite flavor or your GSI changing office hours at the last minute. Perhaps the most terrifying of all changes we must face as students is moving into our first apartment. Subtract mom, subtract meal points, add water and electricity bills, add cooking
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The definitive guide to spring cleaning your closet

When spring rolls around, humankind is inexplicably struck with an uncontrollable urge to clean. Perhaps it’s the restored daylight or the fresh spring air that makes us so motivated. Whatever it is, while you’re cleaning out your life this spring, make sure not to skimp on your closet. We at
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Ways to make space for a clean room and a happier you

As humans — and college students, especially — we tend to collect a lot of … stuff. Before we know it, our rooms are submerged in a sea of unnecessary objects that we’ve unintentionally held onto throughout the year(s). If you’re anything like us Cloggers, you’re starting to realize that this
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