Standing by the King

Cheers rise from Pappy’s, as drunken fans celebrate another Warriors bucket during the second game of the NBA Finals. Five seconds later on the game stream I’m watching just a block away, Steph Curry drains another three. And I seethe. Not just because no matter how legal the stream, lag
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Reflections from Dub Nation

Dub Nation has always stood poised and tall. The everlasting journey to the pinnacle of the NBA has been filled with devastating losses and rewarding victories. Despite the humble beginnings, loyal Bay Area fans have bled blue and yellow from the start. We have witnessed heroes ascend and have dreadfully
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Better late than never

Because of my Latino family’s religious-like devotion to soccer, I grew up with an indifferent perspective toward basketball. My lack of interest in the sport continued throughout my teenage years because I was terrible on the court: I couldn’t shoot if my life depended on it, I dribbled as if
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Look before you leap

off the beat

Exhibit No. 1: LeBron James is drifting on the weak side of the court, wholly uninvolved in the last home game he will ever play in Cleveland. He throws the ball out of bounds and misses 11 of his 14 shots. “I spoil a lot of people with my play,”
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