Songs that describe summer away from Berkeley

After that final refresh of BearFacts, you’re at last ready to bask in every last day of your well-deserved summer break. You’ve come to accept your final grades after weeks of dread and anticipation upon seeing the screen of doom on a site, which is quite frankly hideous. The cycle of dread followed by acceptance is a motif here at UC Berkeley, which applies also when you face your midterm head-on or complete your weight-training at the RSF.
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Playlist of the week: our summer music spins

Whether you’re lounging on the beaches of SoCal, getting ahead by taking summer classes at Berkeley or vacationing in faraway destinations (in which case we’d be very jealous of you), your summer needs a playlist. The Clog’s got you covered. Here’s a playlist with 12 tracks that’ll be the perfect
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Weekly Playlist: Cool movie walk

Here at the clog, we like to dabble in a variety of guilty pleasures. While we aren’t at liberty to freely speak about all of them without seeming super ridiculous, we can, however, reveal one particular guilty pleasure that we often partake in during our time here at Berkeley. For
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