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Tits out for the boys

2 cents on 2 sides

The first day of third-grade swim class, I was asked to sit out for the most sexually objectifying reason. Having flown in just a few weeks prior and having yet to dilute my maladjusted wardrobe with culturally appropriate clothes, I self-consciously stepped out among veiled stomachs in my two-piece swimsuit.
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10 ways to deal with weird weather

Here in Berkeley, it’s pretty much a reliable notion that the weather forecast is going to be unreliable every second of every day. No matter what your weather app says, it’s going to turn from freezing cold to scorching hot within a matter of minutes — and rain likes to
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Thrifting 101 with the Clog

Shopping at thrift stores is an awesome and easy way to buy inexpensive clothing while still promoting a sustainable lifestyle. With all of the amazing thrift stores in the area surrounding UC Berkeley and the Bay Area in general, it’s pretty easy to be sucked into all of the good deals and quickly forget the fact that the items you are buying are, in fact, used. On a recent trip to a thrift store, we at the Clog devised a conclusive guide to help our readers narrow down their thrifting purchases by identifying a few thrifting don’ts.
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$10 haul: Daiso edition

Summer is just around the corner and the weather here in Berkeley is already starting to heat up. Soon, we’ll be dusting off our sun hats, sunscreen and summer clothes, but it can be expensive to gear up for the upcoming season. So we at the Clog, clutching a $10 bill
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Quiz: What should you wear in the warm weather?

With a little help from El Niño, the bay has gotten hot and spicy this past week as temperatures continue to rise into the low 80s. At the Clog, we believe it’s never too early to start thinking about the next best thing to pair with your noticeably decreasing amount of clothing. Here’s a
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An outfit for every mood

What you’re wearing can say a lot about what you’ve been up to on any given day. We at the Clog have created a list of some of the most classic attire you see on campus every day. Sweatpants and tie-dye T-shirt If you’re wearing this combination, then you probably
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It’s National Do Something Nice Day

In case you were unaware, today is National Do Something Nice Day, a holiday where people — believe it or not — do something nice for others. However, we at the Clog understand that sometimes it’s hard to think about others when your own life is just so important. To get
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