Packing essentials for any good UC Berkeley student

While week two designates that the semester is well underway for the greater UC Berkeley population, there are many who are taking their studies abroad this semester. However, going abroad for an entire semester, or even a year, means that you have to face some struggles of your own –
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The Clog’s guide to over-packing

We Bears may have hibernated all year, but now that summer is in full swing, we’re leaving our dens and traveling all over the world. Leaving our cozy homes and college apartments is always exciting and nerve-wracking, especially since the world outside of the Berkeley bubble is so different. The
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Thrifting 101 with the Clog

Shopping at thrift stores is an awesome and easy way to buy inexpensive clothing while still promoting a sustainable lifestyle. With all of the amazing thrift stores in the area surrounding UC Berkeley and the Bay Area in general, it’s pretty easy to be sucked into all of the good deals and quickly forget the fact that the items you are buying are, in fact, used. On a recent trip to a thrift store, we at the Clog devised a conclusive guide to help our readers narrow down their thrifting purchases by identifying a few thrifting don’ts.
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Off -campus jobs in Berkeley

People are making their way back to our beautiful city of Berkeley for another great year at school, but there’s just one problem — the broke college student stereotype is all too real. How will we buy sunscreen to hide from the bright sun rays? With what money will we
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How to dress for the absurd Berkeley weather

Usually, chatting about the weather is a last resort of a failing conversation. Lately, however, a conversation about the weather hasn’t seemed quite as mundane — probably because the weather has been insane. What’s up with all the sun and the rain and the cold and the warm all within
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Storenvy shop pops up in SF

Last week, the online retailer Storenvy opened its first-ever pop-up shop at the up-and-coming Crocker Galleria, hosted by San Francisco-based startup Storefront.
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