Tom Hanks Tuesday: October Surprise

Rolling Stone/Courtesy

It’s been too long, my fellow Hanksians. I’ve been remiss, nay, neglectful in my lack of Tom Hanks updates. I thought, mistakenly, that this man did not require frequent updates, that there was simply not enough news about the star of my favorite detective/dog flick (“Turner and Hooch”). Well, I
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‘Matrix’ siblings warp time in ‘Cloud Atlas’

First catechism: Honor thy consumer.” Sonmi-451, a fast-food server at a glitzy, underground food court, utters the sacred phrase in Neo Seoul in the year 2144. It seems that directors Tom Tykwer and Andy and Lana Wachowski (sibling directors otherwise known as the Wachowski Starship) took this first catechism to
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Tom Hanks in "Cloud Atlas" and/or Tom Hanks in John Travolta's biopic.

Tom Hanks Tuesday: Hunk Hanks Returns!

I’m away for two weeks and now, there’s a shitstorm of news! Literally, in the case of our beloved Bay Area Rapid Transit. But, I mean specifically in terms of Tom Hanks news — the second most important type of news behind human excrement-related updates. So, there’s a lot of
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