Hasty decision threatens co-op community

We, and our nearly 150 housemates at Cloyne Court, are facing eviction on May 16. Two weeks ago, Michelle Nacouzi, president of Berkeley Student Cooperative, sent an email to the entire cooperative system about a proposal that would severely alter our home. The proposed eviction is part of a proposal
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Chard and basil growing in the Cloyne garden.

Planting the niche

I moved into Cloyne Court — the largest single-structure student housing cooperative in the nation — because of the corrugated-plastic greenhouse that stands in the courtyard between the lawn and the now-harvestable chard and arugula patch. When I was taking my first tour of the house, I had just finished
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wurster hall

Haunted places on campus (part 2 of 2)

(Disclaimer: All the places, names and quotes are used fictitiously. None of this is real — absolutely none of it.) Earlier this week, we fed some rumors about some allegedly “haunted” places on and around campus. Now, we bring you our second installment of creepy Berkeley locales: 4. The stairwells in
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Drawing the lines

CITY AFFAIRS: Berkeley City Council’s final decision on a newly redrawn voting district should take into account students who live on Northside.

Berkeley City Council’s decision to support an ASUC-sponsored redistricting map is a promising step toward establishing a student supermajority district in the city. Still, the district should ultimately encompass students living in cooperative housing and dormitory housing on the north side of campus. At its meeting July 2, the council
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Residents gathered in the Cloyne Court kitchen.

Reflections of a co-op food manager

Since the start of last fall semester, I have been one of two food managers at Cloyne Court, the largest house within the Berkeley Student Cooperative system.  I decided to run for the position the previous spring, when my fellow housemate Maddie Tien asked if I would join her in
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Clochella music fest rocks Cloyne Court

Student co-op hosts local bands for all-day concert

Clochella held at Cloyne Court this Saturday demonstrated that the local, independent music scene is alive and well at Cal. An all-day event held from noon to 1 a.m., Clochella delivered as a music festival by constantly providing energetic live music throughout the day. Much like its namesake, Clochella had
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Waterstrider (above) began at UC Berkeley's own Cloyne Court co-op where they still practice

Hospitality, UC Berkeley-based Waterstrider play Rickshaw Stop

Despite both being relatively new to the music industry, headliners Hospitality, recently signed to heavy-hitter Merge Records (Arcade Fire, Conor Oberst, Camera Obscura, etc.) and openers Waterstrider exhibited their strong musical artistry and immense potential last Thursday at the Rickshaw Stop, hosted by Popscene. However, potential should not be taken
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