Photo essay: What makes Berkeley feel like home

Current UC Berkeley students were asked about how Berkeley began to feel like home for them after they moved here for college. This is how they described settling into an unfamiliar place. Sayi Boddu, freshman   Photos: Daniel Ho/Staff Before freshman Sayi Boddu arrived at UC Berkeley, he wasn’t sure
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‘Tis the season for UC Berkeley club applications

Fall at UC Berkeley means football season, the occasional (or daily) pumpkin spice latte and piles and piles of club applications. From DeCals to clubs, almost everything you want to do outside of class requires an extensive application. If you want to practice for a competitive club’s application (for which you’ve
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The battle of walking down Sproul

The flyer promoters “Crap — it’s that time of year again,” you tell yourself. You’ve just been assigned to table for your club on campus. Standing on Sproul Plaza passing out flyers to the power-walking students during your break does not constitute a good time, but you have to, for
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The Thought Lounge: Interview with Axel Cramer

The Thought Lounge is an on-campus organization founded by Axel Cramer. Axel sat down with the Daily Clog to discuss the Thought Lounge’s origin story, goals, memorable moments and future.  The Daily Clog: How did the Thought Lounge start? Axel Cramer: In my freshman year, I was looking for entrepreneurial
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