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Presidential debate drinking game

Why, today is the day of the first of three presidential debates, and anyone who’s anyone will be gathered around some sort of screen to watch the action. If you play the game right, you’ll stay on top of the debate and won’t be drinking too much.
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Around the world in 16 papers

Reading a printed newspaper with a morning cup of coffee may invoke images of yesteryear, yet it is an easy image to find on UC Berkeley’s campus. Every week since 2007, Monday through Friday, 16 front pages from newspapers as far as Malaysia and as near as Washington, DC, are
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Another GOP debate drinking game

With candidates dropping left and right (but more right), now’s the time to tune into the GOP debate to catch up with the front-runners on this season of “America’s Got a Candidate.” The next GOP debate is set to air this Thursday at 7:30 p.m. CST on CNN. With only a couple more
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bernie and hillary characatures

Another Democratic debate drinking game

With election season well underway,  it’s about time we really started paying attention to the two people who’ve got a shot against Donald Trump. The next democratic debate is set to air on CNN, Univision and Fusion at 9 p.m. EST today, and things are looking to get pretty intense
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Off the beat: Encountering patriarchy abroad

This column is in response to the article on CNN called India: The Story You Never Wanted to Hear about an American student’s experience with sexual abuse in India. I recently returned from a two-month language-learning scholarship in the state of Punjab in northern India. There, patriarchy acts upon your body:
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“40 Days of Dating”: are we really just friends?

As the days grow closer to a final summer sunset, maybe you’ve spent this vacation exploring, dating someone new or maybe just staying friends. But can a guy and a girl really just be friends and nothing more? It’s a timeless and popular question that Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh
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Media networks are corporations first

The right to choose

In the wake of the horrific Boston bombing in April, millions of people waited for any breaking news that would put them at ease. Families of victims, national security advisors and millions worldwide sat in silence as the 24-hour news cycle ripped apart every detail and fact that it could
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