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Quick and dirty guide to student organizations

It’s difficult to wrap your head around all the new, unique opportunities you’ll be exposed to when you come to UC Berkeley. Luckily, we at the Daily Cal compiled a list of some of the coolest, most easily accessible organizations, along with the quick-and-dirty on why and how you should join!
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The different types of housing in Berkeley

Campus residence halls Campus residence halls are all about convenience. Their full cleaning staff, close proximity to campus and included meal plans mean reduced obligations that will give you that much more time to worry about your upcoming midterm. But all this convenience comes at a cost. With rent ranging
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Indie band Art Nikels changes the Berkeley music scene

With sounds that soar ephemerally, resonating up through the hills and beyond, Berkeley-based psychedelic-indie band Art Nikels is carving out a space for itself in the pluralistic Bay Area scene, bringing a decidedly Berkeley approach. Outstanding and creative musicians in their own rights, the members of this band of UC
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Student housing options at Berkeley

Most UC Berkeley students start their first year living in the dorms. This is a universal experience for almost all UC Berkeley freshmen, but the next few years are pretty much up in the air. So, where do you go next after the freshman life? Are you even ready to
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Berkeley in haikus

Four years at Berkeley means so many things to me. I couldn’t possibly describe how I’ve changed or how much every relationship and experience has contributed to my development, so instead of writing a serious piece, I decided to encapsulate my memories in haikus. Be nice; I’m a science major.
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Living the collective life

When I first got the email that I had been accepted to UC Berkeley in 2010, I was obviously ecstatic. I had a free period and immediately went to go tell an English teacher who had gone here, and the one piece of advice he gave me that has defined
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