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All I want for Christmas

Off the Beat

I had to adjust to a few things when I moved to Berkeley: getting over the time difference, dealing with my student visa, being independent for the first time and growing used to a snowless winter.
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Globalizing the Renaissance

Promises of new relationships, wild parties, and the legendary cacao drew us like unstable electrons to the energetic hub of a music festival beside Lake Atitlán in Guatemala.
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Pepsi contract remains unsigned

Although campus stakeholders hoped to have the new campus beverage contract — which was previously held with Coca-Cola Co. — signed by the end of August, it has not yet been finalized.

Trucks featuring the Pepsi logo were parked outside the Recreational Sports Facility and Evans Diamond on Wednesday. The campus will likely enter a 10-year contract with the beverage company on Thursday.

New campus beverage contract with Pepsi is likely

UC Berkeley’s 10-year beverage contract with Coca-Cola Co., which has previously been highly scrutinized by some students on campus, expired Wednesday and will likely be followed by a new contract with PepsiCo Inc. In May, the university released a request for proposal which stated the minimum requirements necessary for beverage
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