Gin mule recipe

There’s nothing quite like a Moscow Mule — simple and refreshing, with a gingery kick. Savor the last little bit of summer and pour yourself a drink. We at the Clog have decided to change things up by substituting the classic vodka in this drink with gin. Just grab your
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Blueberry mint lemonade

Are you looking for a fresh and tasty take on a summer classic? Try this blueberry mint lemonade inspired by one of the lemonade flavors at the ironically named SoCal favorite restaurant Lemonade. In honor of the recent opening of San Francisco’s first Lemonade opening on Mission Street, we’ve created
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Amanda Chung/ Staff

Cranberry cosmo drank

It’s officially summer!: also known as the best time of the year aside from Christmas and your birthday. To kick off the season of warm sand between our toes, we at the Clog would like to offer a cool and refreshing beverage to throw back while basking in the sun. Enjoy!
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Sasha Ashall/Staff

Ginger lime soda

I love summer and I love soda, but commercial sodas are so packed with refined sugar and unnatural shit that I frankly can’t stomach it. So, I decided to make my own. I went to Berkeley Bowl and browsed the produce section to see what moved me. I spied a beautiful bounty of fresh, young ginger root and that inspired me to make ginger lime syrup. I picked up a piece of regular ginger and a piece of young ginger, which has a thinner, lighter skin and slightly sweeter, less intense flavor.
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Finished julep feature

Herby summer julep recipe

This twist on the famed mint julep will have you dreaming of porch swings and big, white farm houses. Sip on this herby cocktail while munching on a juicy peach or a fat slice of pie to get the full Southern effect. We added thyme and lemon for a summery
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Rosé sangria

Saturday is National Rosé Day, so we at the Clog thought we would celebrate good times and whip up a pitcher of this refreshing, fruity rosé sangria. The fresh summer fruits bring a bright sweetness to this pink punch, while the triple sec offers a citrus punch to the aftertaste.
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crema de orujo

Un cóctel español para el verano

Crema de orujo is a sweet cocktail with a soft quality that complements hot, Spanish summers nicely. A pomace brandy from northern Spain, Orujo is popular throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Many people in Spain experiment with different add-ins and recipes to add their own flairs and personalities to the standard liquor. Specifically, crema de
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Summer cocktail recipes

Summer, we hope, means fewer responsibilities for those of us still in Berkeley and those of us who have ventured beyond our beloved Berkeley bubble. And with fewer responsibilities, we at the Clog are finding ourselves with more opportunities for indulgence. We can’t think of a better way to relax
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Berry Fizz

Summer cocktails: berry gin fizz

Summer in Berkeley brings us warmer and sunnier days, a general feeling of lethargy and, best of all, berries. All we at the Clog want to do is pull out a towel, bake in the sun and sip on a sweet, refreshing cocktail full of the tastes of summer. This
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