Taylor Follett/Staff

Quiz: Which on-campus Peet’s is this?

Have you ever showed up to a Peet’s Coffee location with a Peet’s from a different location? We at the Clog are definitely guilty, though it’s easy to do because of the plethora of Peet’s on our campus. To test if you’re a true connoisseur of UC Berkeley coffee shops, ask
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Your first weekend in desserts

It’s been a long week. Even with Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off from classes, the first week has been rough. Getting into a new routine is always difficult and we at the Clog feel your pain. We’ve decided to take the time to celebrate something that never changes: your
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A whole new world: Lower Sproul Plaza

It’s your first day of class and as you walk through Lower Sproul Plaza you notice a shining beacon of student solidarity. It’s the home to the MLK Jr. Student Union and houses the Cal Student Store, a coffee shop and will soon include other food places, another coffee shop
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butt sweat

How to leave your mark

We are standing at the edge of an abyss. The abyss is graduation. The abyss is the postgraduation job search. The abyss is phone calls and emails and job fairs and LinkedIn. But most of all, the abyss is a simple question: Can I do it? Last fall, I decided
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