Adam Levine rehearses with Maroon 5 for his upcoming tour

In defense of the sellout

Why we love to hate Maroon 5

In other words, there is no question of whether or not Maroon 5 sold out — they absolutely did. The only question that remains is this: Should we resent them for it?
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Funniest fruits to eat like an apple during class

We’ve all been there. Sitting in class, suddenly getting ravenous, but having nothing to eat except the same boring old apple that’s been in our bag for days. And since we’ve been there too, we know how a single piece of fruit can totally make or break someone’s day. So,
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For the love of rain boots

Dearest Rainboots, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and height of the deepest puddle When on rainy days, under umbrellas we all huddle For brave protection from a cold winter’s day. I love thee for saving pinkie toes from sorrow In
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Packing essentials for any good UC Berkeley student

While week two designates that the semester is well underway for the greater UC Berkeley population, there are many who are taking their studies abroad this semester. However, going abroad for an entire semester, or even a year, means that you have to face some struggles of your own –
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Quiz: Are you used to the rain yet?

It’s the eternal complaint of Bay Area residents — one moment, it’s sunny and sweltering, the next, you can’t feel your fingers and your socks are soaked. Considering it doesn’t rain too often, the occasional torrential downpours make us feel like we’ll never get used to it. Either you don’t
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