VMAs descend into mediocrity

The MTV Video Music Awards have never been about subtlety. Since its inception in the 1980s, the MTV’s trademark summer entertainment has been notorious for throwing prestige to the sidelines and letting spectacle takes the stage. The show has cultivated numerous iconic and scandalous pop culture moments, from Britney Spears’
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A glass case of emotion

Last week, I walked into my final 8 a.m. class, which I had consistently been complaining about for the whole semester, and I teared up because “A Sky Full of Stars” played through the speakers. Ugly-weeping to a Coldplay song is not something I do regularly, but mixed with “last
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Beethoven’s sick beats

It was cool at the time

Because I wasn’t immediately learning what I wanted to play, I wasn’t interested. I didn’t pay attention at all for the first two months of lessons. Apparently, during that period he taught me how to read music, and I missed all of it.
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