Everything in the pan

Summer tortellini fry up

As you’ve read a million times before, summer is here and we at the Clog have been celebrating the arrival of summer produce. This dish uses frozen or fresh store-bought tortellini (ravioli or any other kind of stuffed pasta would work here as well) to make it more economical and
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Live like a college student, eat like a champ

Eating delicious, healthy food in college can be a struggle. When you’re afraid to branch out and give the mysterious fish dish of the day at Crossroads a try, the obvious options are burgers or pizza. Compounding that, it’s damn near impossible to make food in your residence hall unless it
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11 reasons grilled cheese is the perfect college food

In honor of National Grilled Cheese month, we at the Clog have decided to shine some light on this under-appreciated food. Yes, it may not be the most nutritional, but the cheese in this sandwich holds together not only two crispy pieces of bread but also the very fabric of college
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