A photo essay on UC Berkeley's colleges

Photo Essay: Schools in session

UC Berkeley’s 14 schools and colleges offer a nearly endless supply of degrees — from undergraduate minors in education to doctorate programs in information management. What do they all have in common? The students, who act as a constant source of ingenuity and passion on campus.
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BAMPFA responds to release of fiscal year 2018 budget

BAMPFA has adopted an ambitious plan for achieving a targeted budget deficit reduction of $582,000 set by the recently unveiled campus fiscal year 2018 budget, including plans to generate $850,000 in new revenue, increase its endowment by $5 million and reduce the number of scheduled exhibitions as part of cost-saving measures.
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Chancellor Dirks, don’t tear down this wall

We at the Clog would like to voice our support regarding Chancellor Nicholas Dirks’ new fence. There are absolutely no problems with it whatsoever. Part of what keeps us going as an institution is a commitment to change and innovation, and the existence of this fence embodies both of those
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