A photo essay on UC Berkeley's colleges

Photo Essay: Schools in session

UC Berkeley’s 14 schools and colleges offer a nearly endless supply of degrees — from undergraduate minors in education to doctorate programs in information management. What do they all have in common? The students, who act as a constant source of ingenuity and passion on campus.
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Happiest student on earth: UC Berkeley’s first Disney major

On a campus where computer science, biology and political science are among the most popular majors, senior Kristine Sanders chose an unusual path: Disney. After transferring into the College of Environmental Design from the College of Letters and Science freshman year, Sanders knew she “wasn’t going to make the cut
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Slogans for non-College of Letters and Science majors

Because the College of Letters and Science is the largest of the 14 colleges at UC Berkeley, it’s understandable that it is the most well-known around campus. Although it does offer the most majors, it isn’t the only college on campus. This time, the Clog is back with some memorable
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